Overview of S.J.F. Dairy.


Hello there;

An idea was given to us and after much work we turned an existing dairy production-area into a fully certified production unit that is regularly inspected by the local environmental health.


We started production on and have truly not looked back! We are constantly suprised by the responces people give us when they taste our dairy ice cream.  We make our Artesan style dairy ice cream by hand.. well ok... with an icecream machine that come from the home of true ice cream...Italy.


The milking parlour is only a few yards away and when we combine this with our knowledge and equipment, we create the freshest, most flavoursome and amazing dairy ice cream.


When we say "fresh" we really mean it. That's why our moto is:

"From cow to freezer in under an hour".


We can also make specialist frozen deserts such as specialist ice creams, beer ice creams and sorbets.