St. Joans Artesan Dairy Ice Cream

We are the original dairy ice cream producer in Surrey!!


Hello there;

Ever wondered why the "Mr Whippy" van and super market branded ice cream melts so quickly, disappears to nothing in your mouth and tastes of ...well.. not much? The answer is simple: this ice cream has never been near a cow!!

Ice cream can be made from almost anything but the most common is vegetable oil,... yuk!That's why by law it's called "ice cream" not "dairy ice cream".


We make our Dairy Ice Cream with the freshest milk & double cream produced on the farm. We then add a blend of sugars and other natural or nature identical ingredients to produce our hand-made Italian Artesan style Ice cream. We ensure that anything else added to the ice cream is of a natural origin, free of artificial colours and flavours; such as a mix of whole cocoas for the chocolate & whole strawberries in a natural syrup for the strawberry ice cream;

that's why it isn't bright pink!!

  When we say "fresh" we really mean it. That's why our moto is:

"From cow to freezer in under an hour"


We make Artesan style dairy ice cream. Artesan style is wonderfull  dairy ice cream, originally devised in Italy it takes a blend of milk & cream and produces an amazingly smooth and rich texture without being heavy or over sweet, this allows all the true complexities of the flavours to really come alive.


We believe our dairy ice cream is truly fabulous because of what we are told by our customers.This is not because of what we put into it; rather what we don't put into it.. namely vegetable oil, artificial flavours and sweeteners. Remember it's "dairy ice cream".